Supporting Local and National Wildlife

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation creates a strong voice for shooting sports in a variety of ways. It is in the best interest of anyone involved in shooting sports to look into the BASC and become a member, for several reasons. One of the ways the BASC promotes shooting sports is through a variety of conservation initiatives. It is through these initiatives what BASC is able to create support and find proponents for the sport of shooting. This gives the Association the ability to create awareness of the sport of shooting and to show the public how many shooters are proponents of the environment and, at times, the best stewards of the land and water.

BASC provides its members with a wide variety of services. They will provide advice on land purchases and tenure as well as advice on managing the land itself to support quarry species as well as general wildlife. BASC also uses its program Green Shoots to bring many stakeholders together to help improve wildlife numbers, habitat, and environment.

Green Shoots is a program aimed at uniting the shooting and non-shooting communities for a common goal of preserving wildlife and its habitat. Green Shoots in endorsed by Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Scottish National Heritage, Northern Ireland Environmental Agency, and The Environmental Agency covering England and Wales. These and other relationships help the non-shooting community to understand those of us who shoot. It is easy to see that others do not understand our stewardship, and having a voice such as that of The British Association for Shooting and Conservation to speak on our behalf, with such a loud and respected voice, can go a long way toward understanding by other stakeholders. Members who have access to land can also add their information to Green Shoot Mapping to help all stakeholders to reach conservation goals.

BASC also has a wealth of services available to members. They will provide any guidance on general wildlife as well as limiting problem invasive species. They can also help with habitat management and advice on increasing species such as owls or grey partridge. Members can also receive advice and options on how to control non-quarry species and information regarding disturbance of protected species.

BASC offers a variety of services and benefits to all members, all of which can be found at From conservation initiative to laws and tacit agreements, BASC can provide shooters with the information and resources they need.