Field sports still remains particularly popular within the UK, with pigeon shooting enjoyed by many up and down the country. However amongst this collection of sportsmen and women remains a hotly debated topic of just what decoys make for the most effective, and which brands really perfect their products for the shooters. With this in mind this guide looks at four of the most popular forms from some of the biggest brand names upon the shooting scene, namely: Sportplast Decoys, Flambeau Widgeon Decoys, Sportplast Bean Goose Shells and Supreme Greylag Decoys.

Sportplast Decoys

Sportplast hunting decoys are one of the best known and longest running manufacturers of hunting decoys. Located in Italy their products are popular throughout the UK and are known for their diligent research in the area of shooting and the ways in which they can make their products more effective, ultimately achieving more pigeons and other species attracted into the shooting range of their customers. Most specifically recent changes within their products based upon the studies that they’ve undertaken include the reduction in much of the pitching and rolling to more authentic levels through remodelled keels, as well as a repositioning of the anchor placement points and a redesign of the bottom of the floating decoys – all of which has resulted in more practical decoys with faster set-up times.

Being such a big fish within the shooting product pond it’s then little wonder that Sportplast Decoys incorporate a wide range of decoy types, including (but by no means limited to) the following decoy models:

  • Pigeon decoy with legs;

  • Pigeon decoy with flapping wings;

  • Magpie decoy;

  • Crow/Rook decoy with feet;

  • Flying crow decoy;

  • Kestrel Flying decoy;

  • Eagle owl decoy.

Flambeau Widgeon Decoys

Flambeau Widgeon Decoys make for the perfect partner for hunting waterfowl. They boast superior product quality using only the finest of resources, benefiting from long product lifespan and high durability. Most specifically they are created from Polypor materials that stand the test of time and that has been put to the best use by Flambeau through world champion carver Tom Christie.

Sportplast Bean Goose Shells

Sportplast Bean Goose Shells feature the same high standard as all Sportplast products, including highly detailed painted features which cover each colouring of UK geese; each decoy features a solid ground spike, which will hold the decoy in question firmly in place, although a slight amount of movement provides for a design that allows the decoy to move with slight breezes. And with bodies that measure 68cm their lifelike sizing provides for a truly realistic feel to the product.

As a set of 6, which includes four feeding geese, and two sentry geese, this product is capable of attracting game from an impressive distance, making for an effective shooting decoy for those passionate about wildfowling . Most specifically they are most useful when decoying the notoriously elusive greylag geese and the wily pink footed geese.

Supreme Greylag Decoys

Supreme Greylag Decoys are defined by their aim to be the best Greylag Decoys on the market, and are today imported to the UK to bring arguably the most detailed, and most realistic, looking greylags.

The materials used are tough, promising performance that lasts shoot after shoot and whilst they come in two pieces the tight fit and superior build standards mean that your shoot won’t be interrupted by heads that fall off.

The product comes within a pack that includes 1 looker head, 2 rester heads and 3 feeder heads, and also included within the pack is a handy six slotted bag that can carry the complete formation. The formation itself has been put together by industry leaders Supreme based upon plenty of shooting knowledge and experience and promises to provide for many a successful goose shoot.