AimCam is the accumulation from years of research and development by dedicated shooting enthusiasts and professionals from around the world, which has finally developed into the best way to capture video footage of your true line of sight when participating in Aiming sports and other activities.

AimCam is not only a stylish pair of safety and sunglasses it also integrates our patented camera system. The AimCam camera system is fully adjustable to capture your line of sight, however, it can also be easily set-up to function as an everyday video camera to capture your POV for all activities, such as skiing, hiking or just a day out with friends or family. That’s why our catchphrase is “See It Your Way”!

Existing products utilise a fixed centrally or side located camera which strives to record what the user is seeing with the use of both eyes. These, however, do not record an accurate representation of what the user sees when aiming down the barrel of a shotgun, shaft of an arrow or any other activity requiring precision. This is because a dominant eye is being used whilst aiming. The development of a product which allows consumers to document their experiences from a realistic ‘First- Person’ perspective, as well as act as a training aid, would result in a holistic solution for the documentation of activities such as shooting and archery and allow spectators the opportunity to see what the sportsman and sportswomen is seeing/doing for the first time thus increasing uptake and audience participation in our sports.

The AimCam team are all sportsmen, so naturally, we took great care to make sure that our products are perfectly suited to the needs of everyone who shares our passion for Aiming sports. We carried out extensive market research to gather feedback from potential customers from around the world and the final product and specification incorporates many of the features which you, our customers, asked us for, be it shaving ounces off the frame to make it even lighter or allowing for interchangeable lenses or even no lenses at all!

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