Deer Stalking Equipment

Here at DJ Decoys, we believe that all your deer stalking equipment should be of the highest quality and reliability. That’s why DJ Decoys only stock the highest quality deer stalking equipment for the deer stalking enthusiast.

We stock a large range of quantity Deer Stalking Equipment from, EkA Swing Blade G3 knives, Casstrom no7 Field Saw, Kristofer Clausen Roe Dear Calls, Primos Wind Checker, Primos Trigger Shooting Sticks gen2, Knob loch Shooting Sticks, Salz paste Deer Lures, Nordik Roe Calls, Niggeloh binocular Harnes & Game Processing Equipment.

If you are a seasoned deer stalking professional, you will know that stalking can be a long and physically fatiguing day out. That’s why it’s so important to have the right deer stalking equipment and essentials to make the day into a successful hunting trip.

Our outstanding products such as the stalker rifle sling, the stalking knife and the Classroom No.7 field saw could be the difference between a successful day or a waste day. So, invest in to your hobby and reap the rewards! It’s obviously important to not weigh yourself down with unnecessary products. That’s why we only sell the absolute essentials that you needs.

You can view our diverse deer stalking product range below and get in touch with us via the contact page if you have any further queries before you make your purchase!

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