Here at DJDecoys we aim to bring you the best in trail camera’s and wildlife camera’s. Thats why here at DJDecoys we think the SpyPoint Camera range is one of the best camera systems on the market for capturing wildlife at night and through out the day. when you set these camera’s up on your Deer Stalking ground or on your shoot they are working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you will never miss any activity on your shooting grounds. You can also use the SpyPoint Trail Camera’s for surveillance around your property or around your pheasant pens. During the day the camera’s takes photo’s & videos in full colour,at night the camera uses a an invisible infra red which will not spook the wildlife.
SpyPoint also manufacture head camera’s for use whilst you are shooting with a shot gun, rifle or bow, these are a great piece of kit for filming your own hunting trips, you can catch all the action of your hunting trips in full 1080p HD. They are remote controlled for easy use whilst out on the hunting grounds.

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