10 Flocked Crow Decoys & 10 Slotted Decoy Bag


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10 Flocked Crow Decoys & 10 Slotted Decoy Bag

10 Flocked Crow Decoys & 10 Slotted Decoy Bag

These Full bodied flocked crow decoys are great for when you are out decoying crows as they are a life size crow decoys. Our Full bodied flocked crow decoys are one of the most realistic in size to a real life crow. The rich black flocking on the flocked crow decoys is realistic in colouring to the colouring of a real crow, the flocking on these crow decoys will not shine or glint in bright sunshine or even in wet conditions, so the crows will decoy with confidence in to your crow decoying pattern and will not veer off from your crow decoys. We found when we tested these flocked crow decoys on our shooting ground we used a pack of 10 flocked crow decoys along with 10 flocked shell crow decoy to bulk up our pattern we found they worked extremely well, we also used a Primos power crow caller when we were shooting and the culmination of all three factors worked fantastically well on the crows the flocked crow decoys come complete with sturdy stake to secure to the ground.

The Enforcer Pro Series 10 slotted decoy bags are made to the same high standards of quality as the Enforcer Pro Series Pigeon Decoys, the 10 slotted decoy bags are design to carry your flocked crow decoys safely without damaging the flocking on the decoys. The 10 slotted decoy has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying, there is also a full-length lid with a full-length zipper to keep your Crow Decoys safely in the bags when you are walking through high brush or across fields. The decoy bag also comes with a strong black mesh strip that runs up the middle of the bottom of the decoy bag this allows your decoys to dry off when they are wet it also allows the water to drain from your decoy bag.

Pack Contents

10 Jack Pyke flocked Full bodied Crow Decoys with feet and ground stakes

1, 10 Slotted Decoy Bag