Canada hammer goose call


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Canada hammer goose call

Canada hammer goose call

The Canada hammer goose call are made from a light weight polycarbonate construction, you will not loose any tones from the Canada hammer goose call when you are using the Canada goose call in wet weather conditions like you would with the old conventional wooden goose calls that are still on the market today.You will easily get the loudest of hail calls and the softest clucks and moans along with the feeding tones with the Canada hammer goose call with a little practise you will soon pick up all the essential call sounds that you will every need to make you a successful Canada Goose Hunter.The design of the Canada hammer goose call makes this one of the easiest and one of the best calls on the market to use, they are designed by the great goose and duck hunter BUCK GARDNER.

Here are some simple instructions on how to use your new Canada hammer goose call      

The hand that holds the call is the ON hand. The other will be the OFF hand. The OFF hand will be used to add INFLECTION and to add tone to the call.

Tongue placement is important: Place the tip of the tongue against the back of your lower front teeth and leave it there. The only part of the tongue that needs to move up or down is the middle.
The Honk
Place the call to your mouth (as if you were drinking). Make sure you have a tight seal to keep air from escaping. Blow straight though the call, bringing air up from the diaphragm. DO NOT puff out your cheeks. Keep blowing through the call to get a consistent sound. Next, increase the air pressure slightly while bringing the MIDDLE of the tongue up to break the note off SHARP. A reference word such as WHOO-IT can be used.
The Cluck
The Cluck is the same note as the Honk … just shorter. Bring the tongue up quicker for a sharp cluck. The reference word WHIT can be used for the Cluck. While using your hand to add inflection to each note, simply, and SLIGHTLY open and close the OFF HAND (the hand not holding the call) to change the pitch of the note. This may take some practice.
The Double Cluck
The double cluck is a series of clucks made very sharply, and by changing the pitch of each cluck with your Off hand. whit-WHIT- whit-WHIT- whit- WHIT are one reference word to doing the simple double cluck. Practice makes perfect on this call … Take your TIME!!!!
Feeding or Laydown Call
Simply say da-da-da-da or who-who-who while growling into the calls with the deepest voice you can make. This is a sound that is used by geese on the ground while feeding … it is a confidence call to birds in the air.

Notice Mouth Calls Non-refundable Due to sanitary reasons, we are unable to accept returned calls. Defective calls should be returned directly to the manufacturer.

watch the video to hear the call in action and learn how to use it

Canada hammer goose call