Enforcer Flying Decoy Bag


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Enforcer Flying Decoy Bag

Enforcer Flying Decoy Bag

The Enforcer Flying Decoy Bag is designed to hold a complete pair of the Enforcer Flying Decoys. The bag has been designed with five pockets which allows you to keep the mud free and safe.

The pockets are as follows.

(no1.) the pocket on the back of the decoy bag runs the full length of the bag with a folding flap with a velcro fastener to carry both of the flexi rods and ground spikes this keeps them away from your wings tails, and flying decoy bodies.

(No2.) There are two flat pockets inside the base of the decoy bag one pocket is designed to hold the wings and the other pocket is designed to hold the tails both of these pockets have velcro fasteners to keep the wings and tails in place.

(No3.) There is two larger pockets inside the bag that fold out to the side that will hold your flying decoy bodies they come with pull cord fasteners to hold your flying decoyv bodies in place and keep them clean & safe.