Flocked Wood Pigeon Decoy Shells


Flocked pigeon shell decoys with spring sticks pack of ten

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Flocked Wood Pigeon Decoy Shells 

Flocked Wood Pigeon Decoy Shells

Why buy DJ Decoys flocked wood pigeon decoy shells?

Here at DJ Decoys we have over 27 years of wood pigeon decoying experience and have tried and tested most if not all of the flocked pigeon decoy shells that were on the market at one time or another. We have a great knowledge of the sport of how the pigeon feed through the summer months and how they feed through out the winter months. in the summer months the birds loose there thicker darker grey feathering and colouring when they moult there feathers to a lighter thickness of feathering and lighter colouring of feathers for the coming hotter summer weather. That is why believe that the flocked wood pigeon decoy shells can work very well in the fields of newly drilled wheat or barley as the flocked wood pigeon decoy shells can stand out more to the flighting wood pigeon’s. The colouring on these decoys are of a very high quality they come with plastics sticks to hold them off the ground to make them more visible to the passing wood pigeons. We find when we are using these flocked wood pigeon decoy shells to decoy the wood pigeon we use around 20 of the flocked wood pigeon decoy shells to form our horse shoe pattern when we are out on the drilled wheat or barley fields. In the winter they also work very well as if they get any water, or frost on them they will not shine when the sun light hits them.

Flocked Wood Pigeon Shell Decoys with sticks are Dj Decoys best selling product by far.  These Pigeon Decoys are lightweight and stackable for easy transportation when pigeon shooting. Decoys are available in packs of 10 or 6. Flocked coated pigeon shells helps limit shine from frost build up on the decoys when pigeon shooting on a cold frosty morning in the winter months.  Flocked shells also prevent the pigeon shell decoys from shining when you get a rain shower so pigeons wills not detect a decoy.

Flocked Wood Pigeon Decoy Shells

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