Foam Pigeon Flying Decoys


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Foam pigeon Flying Decoys

Foam Pigeon Flying Decoys

Why buy x 2 Foam Flying pigeon decoys?

TheseĀ foam flying pigeon decoys are made from a light weight foam material,These foam flying decoys are designed to fit on to your pigeon magnets or onto your telescopic bouncer, floater they have a lightweight metal bracket that runs along the under side of the foam flying pigeon decoy so there is no metal showing and you wont get any shine from the fastener there is a small thumb screw in the centre of the light weight metal bar to fasten the foam flying pigeon decoy to your pigeon magnets or pigeon bouncers, pigeon floaters These are a lightweight foam flying pigeon decoy with a highly realistic coloured detailed painted finish to the decoys They are a slightly oversized decoy which makes them a lot more visible to the wood pigeons from the air and also at longer distances they are very easy to fit and use these foam flying pigeon decoys work great when used on your pigeon magnet out in your decoying pattern you wont need to wait to get any dead birds as you can use these foam flying pigeon decoys straight from the start of your wood pigeon decoying trip you wont need to use dead wood pigeons again on your pigeon magnet.

Contents, x 2 Foam Flying Wood Pigeon Decoys