Jack Pyke LLCS Balaclavas 3D English Oak Evolution 


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Jack Pyke LLCS Balaclavas 3D English Oak Evolution

Jack Pyke LLCS Balaclavas 3D English Oak Evolution

These Jack Pyke LLCS 3D Balaclavas are great for when you are out pigeon shooting or wildfolwing or even deer stalking in the English woodland they are great for keeping your face covered from your chosen quarry you will never get any glare from your face whether it is a very sunny day whilst you are out pigeon shooting, wildfowling or deer stalking. They also have 3D English Oak Evolution leaf camo affect on them.  Jack Pyke LLCS Balaclavas are also great for when you are out goose decoying or duck shooting they allow you to still use your goose call or duck call through the Jack Pyke LLCS Balaclavas, also they make it possible for you to look up at the incoming geese, duck, or wood pigeons with confidence knowing that they can not see your bright face in the sunshine or wet thus you will not alert them to your  presence in your hide, the Jack Pyke LLCS balaclavas come in two great colours they are English Oak and English Woodland they have an elasticated face surround to keep them in place, the veil can be worn up or down for when you are using your goose calls or duck calls or even your when you are looking through your rifle scope or your binoculars when you are out deer stalking.

3D English Oak Evolution

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English Woodland, English Oak