Knobloch Tripod Shooting Sticks


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Knobloch Tripod Shooting Sticks

Knobloch Tripod Shooting Sticks

Original Knobloch Tripod Shooting Stick -produced byLEKI®,the world’s Manufacturer of Skiing, Trekking and Nordic Walking poles

Well-tried for a safe long distance shot. The advantage of our construction is easy and comfortable stalking and variable application.

High-Tech with ORIGINAL LEKI SPEED LOCK2 External Adjustment system. World Patent.

With only 940 gramme, it is a light weight – nevertheless with a “stiff” backbone and extremely stable by the use of High-Tech aluminum.
The Knobloch Tripod Shooting Stick is gradually telescopable with lenght 85 cm up to 187 cm. Transport lenght 69 cm.

Equipped with pleasant soft rubber prips, a cordura cross tape for gun support and a cross stabilizer.
Alternative Tripod Shooting Stick ex cross tape, the gun is then supported by the crotch of the rubber grips.

The special hard metal Flexo tip has a snow shoe and a rubber cap, which can easily be removed for use on rocky ground.

What is the advantage of the Original Knobloch Tripod
Shooting Stick as compared to our reliable Monopod and Bipod:
The stand like stability – the aiming pod can neither shake or fall down – full concentration to the gun and the approaching game.