Mallard Duck Decoys


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Mallard Duck Decoys

Mallard Duck Decoy

We here at DJ Decoys have had these Mallard Duck Decoys made for the shooter or wildfowler who may be on a budget. These Mallard Duck Decoys are a life size decoy and come in a pack of 6 ( 3 hens 3 drakes ) with a realistic colouring, they are a great asset for when you are decoying ducks inland on flight ponds or whether you are out wildfowling on the foreshore or weather you are shooting ducks on a tide flight they will work great . As you may or may not know the tidal systems around our coast line has some of the strongest tidal currents, and there is nothing worse than placing your mother line out in a gutter or the mouth of an estuary with your very expensive duck decoys on and with the strength of the pushing tides and current your mother line snaps and all of your expensive duck decoys go floating off down the gutter or river with no way of getting them back. Thats why we here at DJ Decoys use these Green Wing Teal Decoys when we are out on our local marsh as if our mother line snaps and we loose the decoys we now they didn’t cost hundreds of pounds

6 pk mallard

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1Male, 1 Female, 1 Male 1 Female, 2 Male's 2 Female's, 3 Male's 3 Female's