Nordik Plain Pain Fox Caller


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Nordik Plain Pain Fox Caller

Nordik  Plain Pain Fox Caller

The Nordik “Plain Pain” Fox Caller is the newest member of predator calls from NORDIK. This call makes distress sounds from a small rodent to a large Hare. The advantage of using this call is that you can use the NORDIK Plain Pain fox caller to call foxes without using your hands all you need to do to use the call is place the call in your mouth and bite down on the sound boards and blow. To get all the desired sound effects you’ll ever need to call the predators into shooting range is blow through the side of the mouth call. You can use both sides of the call to get the desired distress sounds. The membrane in the call is a wedged shape this is to give you different tones depending on which side of the call you use. when you use the thinnest end of the membrane in the call, you can get very  high pitched distress calls from a mouse squeak to a  rabbit. When you blow the call from the wider side of the membrane you can achieve a raspier cry imitating a hare in distress. Because the NORDIK “plain pain” fox call is a mouth call  this means both your hands are free to use on your rifle or to keep your shooting sticks steady for the final shot. The more you practice with this call the better you will become the better you become the more foxes you will shoot