pigeon decoy cradles pk 10


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Pigeon cradles pk 10

pigeon decoy cradles pk 10

Using these pigeon decoy cradles pk 10 can be a very effective way to decoy wood pigeons. Here at DJ Decoys we use these pigeon decoy cradles pk 10 on all of our wood pigeon shooting trips, we recommend the best way to use the pigeon decoy cradles pk 10 is when you are decoying the wood pigeons every time you shoot a wood pigeon you take a pigeon cradle out in to the field and replace one of your decoys with the cradle and place the dead wood pigeon on to the cradle you repeat this action every time you shoot a wood pigeon. These pigeon cradles are made from a mild lightweight steel they are finished in a matt grey paint for a none shine finish, they come in a packs of 10. They are great for elevating your shot wood pigeons of the ground to make them stand out more to wood pigeons that are decoying, they work great on stubble fields of wheat, barley or even rape stubble.In winter time they are a fantastic item when used on winter fields of rape as they make your dead wood pigeons stand out, they also make it easier to dress your shot birds out in the decoy pattern. They also work great when used with dead crows.

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Pigeon cradles