Pigeon Magnet Shooters Kit



Pigeon Magnet Shooters Kit

Pigeon Magnet Shooters Kit

We at DJ Decoys have been wood pigeon shooting for over 25 years now and have gained a lot of valuable experience and information on pigeon decoying from our time in the field shooting these very wary birds. Thats why we know that when you first start out on your journey into the pigeon decoying world that there are endless amounts of gadgets, and equipment for you to purchase for your chosen fieldsports activity. We know how it can be a mind field of what type of equipment you may need to purchase for your use whether you are an experienced shooter or it is your 1st time out in to the fields. Thats why we at DJ Decoys we firmly believe that we have put together a Pigeon Magnet Shooters kit that takes all the guess work out of what you will need to purchase to start your shooting trips on these very wary birds. In this Pigeon Magnet Shooters kit we think there is everything you will need to start pigeon decoying. In our very own Pigeon Magnet Shooters kit  you get a set of 4 twist lock hide pole, these poles extend from 4ft  up to 6.5ft, you get a 4 meter x 1.5 meter stealth ghost net woodland camo these nets are made from a 2 ply material, pigeon decoying bag this bag will carry all your equipment with ease, and 10 flocked wood pigeon decoy shells with plastic pegs And our UK made pigeon Magnet. We think that this Pigeon Magnet Shooters kit will be a great asset to any pigeon shooter and will set you off on your journey into the pigeon decoying world.

In this Pigeon Magnet kit you get.

1, Set of four twist lock hide poles.

1, Pigeon decoy bag.

1, 4m Stealth ghost woodland net.

10, Flocked wood pigeon shells with sticks.

1, Pigeon magnet rotary machine.