rotary speed controller


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rotary speed controller

rotary speed controller

We at DJDecoys  believe that all pigeon shooters should always attach a rotary speed controller to there pigeon magnet / rotary machines when they are out pigeon shooting. As we have found when we heavily field tested the life span of our 12 volt 7 amp batteries by running them on our pigeon magnets / rotary machines without the rotary speed controller attached to the 12 volt battery. We found that your 12 volt 7 amp battery would run the pigeon magnet for around three hours in constant use before the pigeon magnet stared to rapidly slow down and come to a full stop. When we attached one of our rotary speed controllers to the 12 volt 7amp battery and we adjusted the speed of the pigeon magnet with the rotary speed controller we found that you can  get an extra three hours approximately out of of your 12 volt batteries. This means that you can get six hours usage out of your 12 volt batteries therefore instead of having to carry three or even four batteries out in to your pigeon shooting hide two 12 volt battery could last you for twelve hours shooting.

An effective and ideal way to control the speed of our pigeon magnets from stop to full speed

Using the controller can prolong your battery life whilst out shooting pigeon in the field by half

Rotary speed controller