Stealth ghost harvest camo net 4m


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Stealth ghost harvest camo net 4m

Stealth ghost harvest camo net 4m

About Dj Decoys Stealth ghost harvest camo nets

Our stealth ghost camo nets are a two ply material comprising of a 3-d camo netting on the front with a black perforated mesh netting on the back. the 3-d front netting breaks up your hide with great effect in hedgerows, stone walls, and woodland the black mesh backing creates a shadow effect stoping your quarry from seeing you through the netting weather your pigeon shooting or wildfowling. the harvest colour will work well all year round what ever the season as its colour blends in from spring right through to the depths of winter. The stealth ghost harvest camo nets come in two sizes of 5m x 1.5 m or 4m x 1.5m the stealth ghost harvest camo nets can easily be folded up in to a small parcel for easy packing in to your decoy bag. At Dj Decoys, we firmly believe that these are the best camo nets for concealment when you are out pigeon shooting or wildfowling the 3-d effect give you an almost invisible appearance from your hide to your chosen quarry