Stormfront Premium Mallard 6 Pack


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Stormfront Premium Mallard 6 Pack

Stormfront Premium Mallard 6 Pack

About the Stormfront™ Premium Mallard 6-Pack

Stormfront Premium Mallard 6 pack feature a long list of features only found on Storm Front Decoys. Every box of Premium Mallards include (2) Active Drakes, (1 Skimmer Drake), (1) Rester Drake, (1) Active Hen, and (1) Rester Hen. The combination of relaxed, active, and feeding birds create an extremely versatile package for just about every hunting situation and/or hunting location. In conjunction with the front and rear tie points, this innovative keel design includes center of the keel tie points allowing for added motion on light-wind days. The different motion options allow hunters to customize the motion of their spread truly making the decoys come alive. A depth adjusting eyelet allows hunters to change water depths without excess decoys line and a secure strap weight location ensures an easy setup and teardown. As with all Storm Fronts, the Premium’s paint scheme was developed utilizing patent pending UVision Technology matching the reflectance of real waterfowl feathers in the full range of light visible to waterfowl, including Ultra-Violet.


Weighted Keel. Premium size 16.5″. Includes (2) active drakes, (1) resting drake, (1) skimmer drake, (1) active hen and (1) resting hen.

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