Two terminator flying decoys poles ground spikes


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Two terminator flying decoys poles ground spikes

Two terminator flying pigeon decoys & poles & ground spikes

Why buy Dj Decoys terminator flying decoys?

We at DJ Decoys have been using the Two terminator flying pigeon decoys, poles, ground, spikes in our decoying patterns for a number of years now and we have had a lot of great success with these decoys. we believe that the use of these Two terminator pigeon decoys, poles , ground spikes in your decoying pattern will greatly enhances the chance of you getting the wood pigeons to decoy into your decoy pattern easier with there life like movement. They will work in a gentle spring breeze or a strong wind, the Two terminator flying decoys, poles, ground spikes will bob and weave just like a real wood pigeon coming in to your  decoying pattern.We recommend that you place the Two terminator flying decoys, poles, ground spikes at around 30 to 40 yards behind your decoying pattern with one at either side of your decoy pattern place the 1st terminator flying decoy around 30 yards and then place the other terminator flying decoy around 45 yards on the opposite side of your decoying pattern this will replicate how the wood pigeons will naturally fly into your decoying patterns.The flying terminator decoys are made from a flocked full bodied wood pigeon decoys with a set of flexible foam wings and tail they have high definition detailed screen printed feathering details on the wings and tails of the decoys. The Two terminator flying decoys,poles, ground spikes can be placed above most standing crops with the carbon rods which gives them there life like movement in a slight breeze or heavy winds they also stand out very well on stubble fields and can be easily seen by wood pigeons from great distances which on those hard days pigeon decoying can be a great help.

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