Ultimate fox call


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Ultimate fox call

Ultimate fox call-

The Ultimate fox call is simply one of the finest mouth blown fox callers available on the market, it comes with a lanyard to place the fox caller around your neck. If your passion calling foxes then this is the fox caller for you as they are a more far superior fox caller to the alternative metal ‘disc’ type fox callers that are around on todays market. They are a very simple and easy fox caller to use out in the field. You place the Ultimate fox call in your mouth and lightly  bite  down on to the caller, you then blow out through the fox caller to produce a variety of distress calls. The user will be  able to produce a huge variety of distress call sounds from this little powerful fox caller that will have the foxes simply flying in! to your calling

Excellent bit of kit, used and recommended by ourselves.

NOTICES Notice Mouth Calls Non-refundable
Due to sanitary reasons, we are unable to accept returned calls. Defective calls should be returned directly to the manufacturer

Ultimate fox call